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Below are some sample questions that have either been asked at interviews before, or they are typical of the style of question that may be asked.  Only a fraction of the number of questions available in our database are listed below.  The idea is to prepare for such questions, however, DO NOT LEARN the answers.  An interviewer can see through an answer given 'parrot fashion'.  The best solution is to have 'stories' in your memory which you can recount and possibly give as an answer to several different questions, but with a different slant.  You will need to determine what life experiences, both positive and negative, that best describe your personality.  Good CRM is a major skill in today's cockpit, so answers involving your ability to communicate and solve problems as a team player are a bonus.  Be prepared for questions about  basic airmanship as well as technical and physiological ones.  Remember, be forthcoming with the information and 'sell yourself' with each answer.  

For a full list of questions, including some sample answers, please see the services we offer.



Background type:
Tell me a little about your upbringing?
What was the most difficult part of your flying training?
Why did you decide to get into commercial aviation?
How did you pay for your training? 
Why did you leave your previous employment?

Problem solving:
Tell me about a problem that you have had to solve as part of a group?
You get a technical failure, how would you go about solving it with no engineering cover?

Decision Making:
 What is the hardest decision you have had to make?
Either flying related or not.
 Describe a time when you have made a split second decision?
Was it the correct one?
If you have a long term decision to make, what thought process do you go through?

 List some of the leadership roles you have had in the past?
Give an example of an occasion when you demonstrated good leadership?

 What do you consider as the high and low points in your life to date?
Give an example of when you have risen to a challenge set for you?
Give an example of a situation that you have learnt from?
Tell me about a conflict you have had with a superior or supervisor?

 What would you do if you saw a passenger being abusive to a member of cabin crew?
 What do you think poses the greatest threat to Airline security today?

Company Specific:
 Why do you want to join us?
 Why do you think this company is right for you?
 What will you do if you are not selected for a job with this Airline?
Discuss the most significant business issue currently affecting the airline industry and what measures you think this airline is taking in response to its effects?


 What would you do if you lost an engine on take off?  
Run through your thought process?

 Why do airliners have swept wings?  Discuss the significance of Mcrit.

One Liners:
 How many seats does a particular aircraft that the Company flies have?


For many more questions and some typical answers please refer to the services section and see what we can offer you.








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